Construction site door

Construction site door

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Burglars often have an easy job on unprotected construction sites. The bigger and the more... more
Product information "Construction site door"

Burglars often have an easy job on unprotected construction sites. The bigger
and the more complex the objects, the easier it is to break. Vandalism in the shell
and construction phase often leads to considerable damage and additional
costs and time delays. There is effective protection against such damage. It is
inexpensive and can be installed in a few minutes: the construction site door with the unique quick spindle adjustment!
Robust, durable and maintenance-free.

For more security in the shell and construction phase

Door sizes (OVL and OVL-SI)
Building dimensions: width 860 to 1180 mm, height 1980 to 2192 mm
Clear passage width 750 mm, height 1930 mm

Door element
Ready-to-install, single-leaf door elements for multiple use

Door leaf
Double-walled, sheet thickness 40 mm thick, rebated on 3 sides (thick rebate) with
close-meshed honeycomb inlay that is glued over the entire surface to door shells.

Sheet steel, 1.5 mm thick, with stabilizing beading.
Lower fastening through anchoring holes, which make it easy
Ensure installation and removal. An optional seal ensures quiet closing.

Optimal corrosion protection for door leaves, frames, hinges and spindles thanks to galvanized material.

2 lever-proof hinges and 1 solid safety bolt on the hinge side.

Handle set
Plastic round handle set black with steel core.

Castle (OVL)
Security lock with profile half cylinder, 3 keys.

Equipment pluses of the OVL-Si:
Door leaf and frame with additional steel reinforcement
Security: 2 additional security elements on the lock side.
Lock: Flush profile cylinder, drilling and pulling protected, 3 keys