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PU foam gun PU foam gun
The assembly pistol for comfortable, effective work. The plastic tubes included in the original box are only to be used for exposed areas that cannot be reached directly with the foam gun.
Iron weaver pliers Stubai No. 113301 Iron weaver pliers Stubai No. 113301
Iron weaver pliers for multi usage on the construction site. High quality and brand Stubai No. 113301
Colour spray Colour spray
Colour spray 500 ml for precise and professional marks. Available in different colours.
Schalungsbohrer Schalungsbohrer
Optimal chip evacuation even in deep drill holes, stepped shank with open reversible outlet prevents the drill from jamming, excellent concentricity for exact holes, high load capacity and break resistance thanks to wear-resistant CV...
Hardwood wedge Hardwood wedge
Wedges made of hardwood in different dimensions. Pointedly.
Bindedraht / Spanndraht - Rolle Bindedraht / Spanndraht - Rolle
Bindedraht für die Befestigung von Bewehrung. Gebinde in Ringe.
Betoneisen-Bindedraht Einfach Betoneisen-Bindedraht Einfach
Bindedraht schwarz für Betoneisen Ausführung einfach. VPE á 5000 Stk.
Schalungsfugenbänder Sabajoint Schalungsfugenbänder Sabajoint
Schalungsfugenbänder Sabajoint: Spezial-Abdichtungsbänder für den Sichtbeton. Sie gewährleisten eine makellose saubere Sichtbeton-Oberfläche, lassen sich einfach und zeitsparend an der Schalung anbringen und rückstandslos wieder...
Formwork plugs 22-25mm Formwork plugs 22-25mm
Formwork plugs: Seals holes in the formwork Ø 22 to Ø 25 mm.
Meterriss-Plakette RS mit Pinsel RS20/RS21 Meterriss-Plakette RS mit Pinsel RS20/RS21
The RS20 and RS21 badges are mounted on an unplastered wall and are unmistakable documents for all craftsmen.
Protective bag for construction plans Protective bag for construction plans
Protection for documents on the building site. Made of light special PE with transparent slide fastener on both sides Guaranteed weatherproof
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