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VIBA-Fundamentspanner VIBA-Fundamentspanner
used in connection with perforated tapes by large area formwork in different heights available by height 970 mm: max. element width 900 mm by height 1420 mm: max. element width 1350 mm
Leibungsschalungswinkel verzinkt Leibungsschalungswinkel verzinkt
Galvanized formwork bracket: Inexpensive Versatile in use Can be attached with screws or nails (3 screws or 5 nails are required per side)
VIBA-punched steel strip 50 x 2,0 mm hole Ø 20/22 mm VIBA-punched steel strip 50 x 2,0 mm hole Ø...
Horizontal frame-elements for formworks of fundaments. Anchoring: On top with anchor rod Ø 15,0 mm and "super" nut. On base with VIBA-foundation tensioner and VIBA-punched steel strip. Wall thicknesses within a 5 cm grid can be produced....