SAM Schalungssystem

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SAM-spacer normal SAM-spacer normal
Spacer system SAM for normal concrete. (no exposed concrete surface - the walls should be plastered or coverd afterwards) Easy and fast application, in combination with 27 mm Standard formwork panels. Package units: to wall thickness 50...
SAM-Abstandhalter; Sicht aufg. SAM-Abstandhalter; Sicht aufg.
Abstdanhalter System SAM für Sichtbeton (Sichtbeton Qualität) In Kombination mit 27mm Standard Schaltafeln, schnell und einfach anwendbar. Verpackungseinheiten: bis Wandstärke 30 cm 100 Stk. / Karton ab Wandstärke 35 cm 50 Stk. / Karton...
End wedge SAM 1 End wedge SAM 1
End wedge SAM 1 . to mount the lowest spacer ( in rear hole. in front hole mount binder) also to secure upper binders.
SAM-Plastic taper locks SAM-Plastic taper locks
Plastic Taper locks after removing the spacer the wedge closes the exposed concrete element. The result is an attractive exposed concrete surface.
Schalungsbinder SAM 2 Schalungsbinder SAM 2
Suitable for Standard formwork panels width 25, 50 and 100 cm. multiple reusable binder made of steel strip. The length 100 cm is reinforced in the middle.
SAM-spacer; without wedge SAM-spacer; without wedge
Spacer System SAM for visible concrete. In combination with 27 mm Standard formwork panels, fast and easy usage. Package units: to wall thickness 30 cm 100 pcs. / carton from wall thickness 31 cm 50 pcs. / carton Economical stripping of...
SAM-Pull hammer SAM-Pull hammer
to pull out the spacer-end after stripping the formwork. Suitable for normal concrete and exposed concrete.
SAM-Pull out lever SAM-Pull out lever
Pull out lever to remove the end of spacer after stripping the formwork. Suitable for normal and exposed concrete.
SAM-calibrating crank SAM-calibrating crank
to break off the end of the spacers after stripping the formwork. !not suitable for exposed concrete!
SAM double wall connector SAM double wall connector
Double wall connectors The simple but effective solution for formwork panels