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Deckenrandschalung HB aus Holzbeton Deckenrandschalung HB aus Holzbeton
Stop end formwork made of woodconcrete. Element length - 200 cm Material strength - 10 mm Width at foot - 70 mm
Aussparungsrohre - Ausführung blank Aussparungsrohre - Ausführung blank
Material: Steel blank, optional steel galv. Special materials on request. Standardlength 3 m, other lengths on request. Length tolerence for fixed lengths in mm: to DN 250 +/- 5m
Schalstreifen für Aussparungen Schalstreifen für Aussparungen
The formwork stripes is used to create recesses in base plates and ceiling. The formwork stripes (length: 10m) are perforated in transverse direction each 5 cm. It is possible to creates recesses in different dimensions. As example: 25 /...
Deckenrandschalung XPS 50 FZ ISO Deckenrandschalung XPS 50 FZ ISO
Slab edge shuttering and insulation in one . 50 mm extruded polystyrene. Foot is made of 4mm fibre cement (Width 10 cm) Elements with tongue and groove. Standard in 1 or 2 metre elements, other lengths on request.
Rippenstreckmetall Lochripp Rippenstreckmetall Lochripp
Used as permanent formwork in concrete and reinforced concrete construction. Longitudinal ribs ensure high load-bearing capacity. Strong bonding effect through stong surface profiling. Great stability thanks to 10 mm high ribs and bead...
Rippenstreckmetall Superrip Rippenstreckmetall Superrip
Used as shuttering formwork in concrete and reinforced concrete construction. Longitudinal ribs ensure high load-bearing capacity. Strong composite effect becauce of the strong surface profiling. Particularly high stability thanks to 21...
Aussparungs-Innenecken Aussparungs-Innenecken
Inner corner made of steel with clamping screws Ø 15 mm For shaft formwork, ceilings- door- and wall-recess Easy and fast mounting and dismantling For wooden formwork 12 - 35 mm thickness The fast and universal solution for your...
Installationsblock Installationsblock
Product properties: non-flammable passable insensitive to moisture frost-resistent easy perforation of openings Bulk density: 300 kg m³, +- 5% Compressive strength: 240 kPa (10% compression) Baustoffklasse: A2, s1, dO(ÖNORM EN 13501-1)
VIBA Plex F Formwork Board 10 VIBA Plex F Formwork Board 10
Advantages: low dead weight of the plate assembly possible without crane and other aids prefabricated foundations with low installation time environmentally friendly, not hazardous to water, material recycling possible single or strip...