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Swelling tape made of TPE (Flowstop) Swelling tape made of TPE (Flowstop)
TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) - swelling tape for the safe sealing of construction joints and penetrations, in concrete structures, against the ingress of water. Because of the swelling and the swelling pressure generated during the...
Bentonite swelling tape Bentonite swelling tape
Technically tested and approved for application! Bentonite swelling tape are proven reliable since many years. The tape swells by contact with water and seal cracks and construction joints safe and durable. The tests guarantee that the...
Glue for swelling tapes Glue for swelling tapes
Swelling tape glue for Betonite- and EPDM swelling tapes cartridge 310 ml; consumption: 1 cart./8 m
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