High performance fibers for tunnel construction

High performance fibers for tunnel construction

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High-performance fibers for concrete construction (basement wall and foundation slab) with... more
Product information "High performance fibers for tunnel construction"

High-performance fibers for concrete construction (basement wall and foundation slab) with Concrix ES 50


Highest bond and tensile strength

Both national and international regulations and requirements for fiber concrete are constantly increasing. The development therefore clearly points in the direction of new types of plastic fibers, which have similar or better performance characteristics than steel fibers and additionally contain the already known advantages of plastic fiber concrete.

These include high flexural strength, guaranteed improved post-cracking behavior and very good processing properties. These properties should be achieved through optimal fiber dosing in order to fully meet the quality and economic requirements.

All of these requirements were taken into account when developing this fiber. This resulted in a polyolefin-based, bicomponent plastic macrofiber consisting of a core and jacket. It has a high tensile strength and at the same time offers a high bond strength with the concrete matrix.

The texture of the fiber surface was developed so that the bond with the concrete matrix is ??optimal, but the surface structure certainly does not result in any disadvantages in the processability of the fiber concrete.



Concrix was developed for single-family homes - basement systems, excavation pits, tunnels, but also sophisticated prefabricated parts etc. It is a globally unique, bi-component macrofiber, which can be mixed into the concrete easily, safely and quickly without tangling and it is also gentle on the machines. The enormously high work capacity makes it possible to either massively reduce or replace the classic steel reinforcement.

The sometimes time-consuming laying effort for steel mats is therefore eliminated, at the same time the enormous amount of fibers ensures reinforcement down to the finest edges.