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Trapezleiste-Holz Trapezleiste-Holz
Trapezoidal strip made of wood. Other dimensions on request.
Drip rail Drip rail
Type 2: Reusable profile strip. When stripping the formwork, the rail comes out with the formwork.
Water drip made of plastic Water drip made of plastic
Rainfall drips off at the drip edge without hitting the underside of the surface or the vertical wall.
Trapezleisten PVC Trapezleisten PVC
Trapezoidal strip made of PVC. Other dimensions on request.
T-Profilleisten PVC T-Profilleisten PVC
For covering formwork joints.
Doppeldreikantleiste aus PE Doppeldreikantleiste aus PE
Doppelseitige Dreikkantleiste aus PE. Abmessungen: 15/15/25 Schlitz 5 mm
Bead made of plastic 20 mm Bead made of plastic 20 mm
Chamfer strip made of impact-resistant material to breack edges and also as decoration by extensive exposed-concrete parts. Fixing at an interval of 10-15 cm with nail holes.