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VIBA-Bewehrungsanschluss einreihig Typ V VIBA-Bewehrungsanschluss einreihig Typ V
Galvanized, structured and sheet housing for perfect connection with concrete and to transfer the shear forces. Rebendable structural steel BST 550 with Austrian certificate (BST 500 on request available). Standard - Elementlength 125...
VIBA - Querkraftdorn - Dorn verzinkt VIBA - Querkraftdorn - Dorn verzinkt
Steel quality: S 235 JR (ST37) Surface galvanized Other lengths and dimensions on request
VIBA Dornhülse VIBA Dornhülse
Bearing made of plastic to absorb moving forces of VIBA shear force dowel. The quill zone allows a longitudinal movement up to 20 mm. In the colours: yellow gray green blue black available.
Thermokorb ISITHERM Standard Thermokorb ISITHERM Standard
Insulation is very important by building construction. A special problem zone are overhanging building components which can cause a massive energy waste through thermal bridges. The highly developed Thermoelement ISI THERM provide a...
VIBA-Bewehrungsanschluss zweireihig Typ M VIBA-Bewehrungsanschluss zweireihig Typ M
Metal box with rough surface. The surface polishing ensures a good connection with concrete and supports the transfer of shear forces. Rebendable structural steel BST550 with Austrian certificate. (BST 500 on request) Technical data:...
Kugelkopfanker 2,5 Tonnen [K2,5] Kugelkopfanker 2,5 Tonnen [K2,5]
Ball head anchors are used to transport prefabricated parts. K2.5 load group = 2.5 tons easy to weld and 3-fold safety against material failure.
Aussparungskörper rund aus Gummi für Kugelkopfanker Aussparungskörper rund aus Gummi für...
Aussparungskörper rund aus Gummi für verschiedene Kugelkopfanker.
Profilierter-Edelstahlstab "V4A 1.4571" Profilierter-Edelstahlstab "V4A 1.4571"
A cold-formed, not rusting rebar, high strength for starter bars and anchorage.
VIBA - Querkraft - Dorn Edelstahl VIBA - Querkraft - Dorn Edelstahl
Steel quality: Stainless steel Other lenghts and dimensions on request!
VIBA - Querkraftdorn - Dorn blank VIBA - Querkraftdorn - Dorn blank
Type blank Other lengths and dimensions on request.
Mauerverbinder Typ 2 Mauerverbinder Typ 2
Wall connector for bricks- and stone wall. Other strengths and design on request.
Kugelkopfabheber mit Ovalglied Kugelkopfabheber mit Ovalglied
suitable for 3.0-5.0 tons and stop at the crossbar.
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